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What people are saying about The North Pole Is Sinking:

"Every parent interested in teaching their children about global warming in an engaging and creative way should get their hands on this book."
          - Sergio Contreras, School Board Member, Westminster School District
"A powerful book that encourages youngsters to participate in our democratic system."
          - KimOanh Nguyen-Lam, School Board Member, Garden Grove Unified School District
"Teaches children to see the big picture and gives them hope that something good can be done."
          - Sharon Brown, School Board Member, La Habra Elementary School District
"This is a heartwarming story that helps children understand their roles as global citizens and the importance of making a contribution."
          - Karen Clancy, School Board Member, Belmont Redwood Shores School District
"Every educator and parent should appreciate this story that integrates social studies, language arts, science and politics."
          - Connie De Capite, FIRST
"An excellent story to educate the next generation of leaders about protecting our environment"
          - Mary Anne Foo, Executive Director, OCAPICA
"This is a fun book that will help the children pay Santa back for all the joy and magic he brings all of us each year. It will surely sew the seeds of active citizenship and community participation. Parents, bone up on the environmental issues, the tough questions are coming..."
          - Farhad Ansari,University Supervisor for Student Teachers, CSUF
"In the tradition of Dr. Seuss, a global problem is addressed with wit, wisdom and hope. Children (and adults) are reminded that it's all up to them!"
          - Jane Davis, Quality Teacher Programs, Anaheim Union High School District
"I love this book because it helps young people see what the whole world is doing about the environment and gives them hope for a better future."
          - Rueben Martinez, Mac Arthur Fellow
"This book gives me a lot of hope; itís an example of what kids in the future can do for us."
          - Yolanda Mc Comb, Principal, Raymond Elementary, Fullerton

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